Superb Linn LP12 Axis and Lingo Upgrades

We have developed a range of motor controllers to improve the listening pleasure of your Linn equipment.

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Zeus motor controller  Replacement for Valhalla and Lingo

We all love our music and some formats sound better than others. The Linn LP12 and Valhalla controller are excellent but they can be substantially improved upon. Accurate, stable speed control is essential for extracting the best out of the vinyl format – without getting that right we are building our HiFi listening pleasure on shaky foundations.

After repairing and servicing hundreds of Valhalla and Axis boards I decided I could do better. I was also fed up with having to remove the platter and change the belt every time I wanted to play a half speed mastered LP or 12” single.

Wear of the belt, bearing and stylus drag also have a big impact on speed stability and most Valhalla boards and Premotec/Linn motor combinations actually run slightly off speed from the start and unless you resort to mechanical adjustment there is no way to correct this easily and certainly not frequently as the mechanical and electrical components tolerances drift.

Enter the Zeus controller! The Zeus uses a speed sensor to detect the platter rotation speed and correct the rotation to achieve stunning accuracy down to 0.001Hz. this results in speed stability typically to three decimal places. Variations of belt, bearing, motor, vinyl condition and stylus drag are accounted for every two seconds. The improvement in pitch, rhythm and overall timbre are astounding. Available as internal or external versions.

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Minos motor controller  Replacement for Valhalla and Hercules

The Minos controller is a replacement for non-speed sensing motor power supplies. Whilst not as feature rich as the Zeus, unlike most other power supplies parameters such motor drive voltage, motor phase and output frequency can be manually trimmed via software to minimise noise and vibration and platter rotation speed. The Minos has the same power saving features as the Zeus and of course electronic switching between 33.33 rpm and 45 rpm. It is supplied with an aluminium Linn style square switch with red and green LED’s.

Compare Minos and Zeus features

Zeus Controller - Top view
Zeus Controller - Bottom view
Zeus Controller - Optical sensor


Introducing the New Linn Basik Replacement Power Supply

Introducing the New Linn Basik Replacement Power Supply

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Linn Basik Replacement Power Supply from Valhalla Electronics! Priced at £49.00, this innovative power supply is specifically designed to address common issues associated with the original model, offering enhanced performance and reliability. Key Features: – Enhanced Cooling: The updated power supply features improved cooling mechanisms […]

Linn Lingo Repairs and Servicing

Linn Lingo Repairs and Servicing

As a HiFi enthusiast, you know that maintaining your equipment is crucial to achieving the best sound quality possible. One essential component that requires regular servicing is the Linn Lingo power supply. The Linn Lingo power supply is an upgrade for the Linn LP12 turntable, designed to improve the turntable’s performance and sound quality. The […]

Review: My Own Devices talks about the Zeus LP12 controller

Review: My Own Devices talks about the Zeus LP12 controller

David Cutter has produced two entertaining and informative video’s where he first discusses and reviews the Zeus controller and in Part 2 of his series he walks through installing a Zeus controller in his LP12 and is well worth a watch if you are installing a Zeus in your own LP12. He highlights a few […]

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"The Zeus is the best controller I have heard - I have tried all of them."
Brian from Scotland

My LP12 has never sounded so good. The timing and clarity of the instruments, especially on sustained notes is much improved. Overall, I am extremely happy with my External Zeus in how it performs and how it sounds. An added bonus is that you can tweak many on-board parameters via the use of the on-board software and a laptop, if you desire to do so. I have not heard a Lingo 4 equipped LP12 but to be honest, I really struggle to believe that it could possibly sound any better.

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Alun R. from Maidstone
"I have 6 of the ZEUS controllers. I find them easy to implement. They are quite flexible in terms of accommodating various types of motor/drive systems. By way of comparison, I own 3 of the Phoenix Engineering Falcon/Roadrunner motor control/tachometer combinations. The ZEUS systems performs at least as well as the Phoenix systems. The adaptive PID approach works very well. I would recommend this device without qualification"
Bill from Indianapolis
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