Linn Axis Repair, service and calibration

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Linn Axis update/repair service.

This is a repair service that will service a faulty Linn Axis board and bring it up to the latest specifications. The standard service will replace HV and LV caps, inrush thermistor, and optionally fit a higher-rated 1000v bridge rectifier. If there are other faults, we will diagnose and repair and replace IC’s and transistors. For exceptionally damaged boards, where someone has previously attempted repair, we reserve the right to charge extra to cover the additional time needed to diagnose and undo mistakes – we will advise in advance. Motor replacements or repairs are not included in the price – Motor repairs may be ordered separately.

All capacitors are made by the highly reputable Supertech and are 105 degree C versions to ensure long life of the upgrade kit. The HV capacitors are uprated over the standard 250v to 350v versions to extend life even further. Supertech capacitors are now used in many high-end audio applications.

The Linn Axis PSU has a design flaw that sometimes means it turns on the motor when the power supply is applied. This is undesirable as if you are out or away on holiday, it means your turntable could be running for a few weeks leading to motor wear and other problems. As an option, we can modify the power supply so this does not happen. You can add this option to your basket when you choose the main PSU repair/service – it is not offered as a standalone item.

Once repairs and upgrades have been completed the Axis will be tested and calibrated to the recommended output voltages. All work will be carried out by an experienced Chartered Electrical and Electronic Engineer. Once you have ordered, details will be emailed to you on how to send the repair to us. PSU The board will be shipped back to you via recorded delivery/courier.

Turnaround time is usually 7-21 days from when we receive your board.

Try to ship your board in or to the UK, using a small parcel size. Ideally less than: 35 x 25 x 16 cm.

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Motor power supply board; returning from repair. DAP.

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Main PSU Repair and Service, Startup modification

4 reviews for Linn Axis Repair, service and calibration

  1. Mark Collins (verified owner)

    Excellent service throughout the entire process! Very easy to take advantage of the service even from the USA.
    My 30+ year old Linn Axis developed a turntable speed problem after 20+ years of being on a step-down transformer here in the US. Reached out to Valhalla after searching around for a solution. Steve came back to me straight away, and recommended the upgrade kit, although I am pretty competent with a soldering iron I decided to order the full service with calibration. Shipped the board off to Valhalla from the USA (easy-peasy), Steve replaced all the components but noticed a motor bearing problem, luckily Steve was able to solve it with some lube.
    Received the board a few weeks ago and re-installed it, this time wiring it for a 110V supply (wish I had known that 20 years ago when we moved to the States!). Linn (with a new belt and bearing oil) works like charm. Thanks Steve! Can definitely recommend it to both UK and International Linn owners

  2. Peter Kinloch (verified owner)

    First Class service, from initial contact with Steve asking for advice, through to having my Axis power supply ‘re-capped’ and calibrated – with Steve’s auto-start issue modification added too. (Axis owners will be aware that they can self-start if there’s any sort of interruption in the electricity mains supply.) I was getting an audible 50Hz hum from the turntable when plugged in but not running. This was not coming over the speakers but from the power supply board within the turntable itself. One or more of the capacitors was ‘leaking’ and triggering the hum. Steve replaced all the capacitors, calbrated the power supply and added his modification to prevent the turntable auto-starting. We now have a silent turntable that doesn’t start up all by itself. The cost is very reasonable and there’s a helpful YouTube video that shows exactly how to remove and refit the power supply board from the Axis. Turnaround too only a few days too. Perfect!

  3. Phil Turner (verified owner)

    Excellent work and so pleased I found Valhalla. After getting messed around by a so called expert at a local hifi shop here in NZ, I was glad I trusted the reviews for Valhalla Electronics. It was so simple a process and Steve turned it around within a day and it was back with me about 4 weeks later. Working like a dream and so happy to be playing vinyl again

  4. Dan Jackson (verified owner)

    Great service from Steve, the entire process took less than a week and the repaired Linn Axis power supply with startup mod is working again after many years.

    Originally the board fuse kept blowing, I failed to resolve the fault having attempted to fit the upgrade kit myself, so sent it in for repair. I appeared to have added to the damage with my poor soldering work!

    My mother Will be thrilled with the result, it sounds fantastic with the AT95E cartridge, not reaching the levels of my LP12, but great for a relatively basic turntable.

    I’ll be back to Valhalla Electronics soon, I highly recommend this company.

  5. eddiemc2 (verified owner)

    After unsuccessfully sending my Axis board to 2 different repair shops, I reached out to Steve for another repair.
    Hoping finally we could get our turntable back to life, Steve skillfully made the repairs, fixed the others shoddy work and sent back the board to us.
    Fantastic work and service, could not be happier, sounds so much better than it ever did.

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