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Pricing, Export and Dealer enquiries

No. As of 2023 our current turnover is less than the UK sales tax / VAT limit so we do not charge the additional 20% sales tax. This means that there is nothing to claim back.

This depends on your local import taxation rules and the local import thresholds. Unfortunately, we cannot advise how much you will pay as we do not have knowledge of all local policies.

Yes. Please contact us to discuss this. For bona fide trade Dealers we offer generous dealer margins on our manufactured products. Dealer pricing will be displayed for each product in the shop. You will be invited to specialist training for our products to enable you to offer a qualified and knowledgeable service to your customers relating to our products. 

Zeus and Minos Motor Controller

This is likely to be a software driver issue in your operating system. Seach the web for updating CH340 drivers on your operating syste. Follow these instructions on how to update your drivers

Yes it will, provided the turntable uses a 110v AC synchronous 2 phase motor. Typically these motors draw 10-20mA maximum per phase. These motors are often made by Linn, Premotec, Philips, Rega and have four connecting wires. Some Thorens turntables also have this kind of motor but watch out for the 9v versions. (Have a look at the motor label). For maximum accuracy, you will also need to find a place to mount the speed sensor and OLED display if you wish to have it visible.

You may also need to work out specific PID parameters for your particular turntable but there is a Windows app to help with this.

Yes. The shop has a 3 / 4 phase version which can either drive one 3/4 motor, or two single 2 phase motors.

The Minos controller does not have the speed sensing, OLED display or some of the advanced features of the Zeus. It provides a fixed highly acurate  33.33 and 45 rpm output. The output speed, drive voltages and motor phases can, however, be adjusted in the configuration software (via USB connection) to produce best possible drive conditions for your motor i.e. reduced vibration and noise. This is important as many synchronous motors do not run accurately at 33.33 or 45. The Minos can be upgraded to a Zeus at a later time by means of an upgrade kit.

Yes. The Zeus and Minos controllers will work perfectly with both 50Hz and 60Hz motors. Many Linn turntables were supplied with 50Hz motors and smaller pulleys for the US market – this is fine too.  Controllers shipping in 2023 onwards have a link selectable input voltage for 115/230v 50Hz or 60Hz input. (Prior to 2023, input voltage is fixed during manufacture).

The upgrade from a Minos to Zeus consists of several parts. We need to know the serial number of your existing Minos. This can be located on the physical board or you can use the PIDTuning software. To use software, at the input prompt issue the command !vs_get_SN and press enter. An 8 digit serial number will be returned. Paste this code into the notes field of your shop order. You will receive a physical upgrade kit containing: OLED/Switch, Sensor, Software licence key and upgrade instructions

In addition to the comprehensive manual, we have recorded a few YouTube videos which can be found on our channel

Linn Valhalla and Axis Update Kits

Yes a good level of soldering capability is required. Also as these PCB’s are often quite old there is a tendency for the tracks to lift if your iron is too hot so it’s essential that you have a temperature-controlled soldering iron. 

If you are not confident we also offer fixed-price repair services. Visit the shop for more details.

A temperature-controlled soldering iron, wire cutters and possibly a 1-1.2mm miniature drill bit to widen the holes for the upgraded bridge rectifier legs. A voltmeter will be useful. However, do not use an oscilloscope unless you have either a) differential probes or b) an isolating transformer to power the Valhalla or Acis boards – these power supplies are not isolated from the mains power so experience and caution are required when working on them.

We have written a post that describes the major factors in our choice of capacitors. However, where possible we use and supply Supertech, Panasonic and Nichicon. (Occasionally, for non-critical positions we may use other manufacturers).

Linn Valhalla and Axis Repair Service

Remove your PSU and power switch. Place the order in the shop and you will receive an email with the shipping address. Enclose a description of the fault along with your name and address. We will repair, test and calibrate the unit and return to you by post/courier.

Search YouTube for Linn Axis PSU removal and follow the instructions. Alternatively follow this link:

This is largely down to your local customs regulations. We will ship the repair back to you stating on the customs declaration its a repair and duty has already been paid.

When shipping to us, state very clearly on the customs declaration that its a faulty motor controller PCB unit for repair and duty has been previously paid. i.e DAP. Set a nominal value such as 40 GBP/EUR/USD otherwise UK customs will levy import duty which we will have to pass on to you.

Due to the stall detection circuity the Linn Axis PSU needs the belt and platter installed in order to test.

PSU’s are calibrated electronically to produce the precise output frequency. The most likely problem is that the belt is on the wrong way round. One side of the belt is often ground to enhance grip and produce the correct speed.  Try reversing the belt surface. With a Valhalla the motor vertical adjustment may also require setting.

If you order with a Royal Mail Tracked 24 return shipping service at checkout we will attempt to express repair your board – this will, however, be dependent on the nature of the fault but we will aim to return to you within 5 days instead of the standard 7-14 days.

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