Minos vs Zeus controller comparison

The Minos shares the same architecture as the Zeus controller but a lower price point. The table below provides a comparison between the major features and highlights the differences between the two models. Both controllers are designed for 110v 50 or 60 Hz synchronous motors with two phases.

Adjust motor voltage and phase in control software (for minimum motor vibration)
Adjust motor speed in control software (frequency)
Electronic 33.33 and 45 rpm switching
Auto power off sleep timer (time configurable in software)
Aluminium square Linn style on-33-45-off switch supplied
Aluminium OLED/Switch supplied (speed / WOW indication)
OLED display auto blank timer (configurable in software)
Speed sensor for adaptive speed control
Digital Signal Processing speed control (PID)
Super quiet motor mode - reduces drive voltage once full speed reached
OLED display. Display rotation speed / WOW
Stylus and Bearing wear counters
Upgradeable to a Zeus
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