Linn Valhalla update and repair kits


DIY Linn Valhalla update/repair kit with instructions.

There are three kits available: Zener, LV and HV

Zener Diode Kit: This upgrade improves voltage regulation to the motor. This kit will upgrade your Valhalla if not already fitted

LV Kit: Capacitors C3 C8 C14 C15  & C20. Uprated Resistor R32 0.4W instead of the 0.25W fitted on most boards. This new resistor uses a nichrome element and is actually smaller than a standard 0.25W part so it’s easy to fit in the existing space.

This kit fixes many sluggish motor start problems. It also has a modification to fix a design flaw in the Valhalla start-up which improves the motor starting conditions.

HV Kit: Many early Valhalla’s were not fitted with the essential Inrush Guard. This mod replaces resistor R1 with a high-quality varistor of the correct value and will protect your Valhalla. Also supplied are two 6W 15K resistors – much uprated over original specification so they run cooler. An uprated 800V/100V bridge rectifier that will fit in the same PCB holes and footprint as the original part. Three 47uf, 250V capacitors, and a 20mm fuse are also included.

If you are unsure about any part of this upgrade we advise you have the work carried out by a professional you will need to be competent at soldering to carry out this upgrade/repair work.

Zener and HV kits are available to back-order for shipping mid May.


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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1.5 cm
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Zener Update, Low Voltage Kit, High Voltage Kit

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