Linn motor and main bearing maintenance kit

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This kit will keep your Linn LP12 running smoothly. It contains two types of oil. One is for lubrication of the motor spindle to reduce wear and noise and the second is an oil refill for your main bearing. The specially formulated main bearing oil results in a lower noise floor and is suitable for any Linn bearing that accepts black oil. A pipette is supplied to remove old oil from the bearing but also to enable precise application of fresh oil exactly where it’s needed without spillage. We also supply a lint-free swab to get all traces of old oil out of the main bearing

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1 review for Linn motor and main bearing maintenance kit

  1. Lee Jones (verified owner)

    I discovered a problem with my 33 year old Linn Axis when someone bought me a record for Christmas, and I found that my deck wasn’t working at all. Steve helped me to fix it by providing me with a PSU service kit to replace the capacitors on the motor board, and it then worked for a few minutes before stopping …. So I sent the board back to Steve. He checked it and told me that it was working fine, but that there appeared to be some problem/resistance in the motor.
    He was able to dismantle and clean it, applying lubricant at the crucial places, and recommended that I also purchase this main bearing maintenance set to lubricate the equally crucial main platter bearing.

    I spent a few minutes removing the old oil and cleaning the residue away with iso-propyl alcohol, and then applied the new oil in the correct quantity. It was clear to me that it needed to be done as very much more oil went in than came out.

    Once I had done this, I re-fitted the motor and power supply, and was absolutely delighted when the platter spun-up and ran continuously, allowing me to play my newest piece of vinyl.

    I’m very pleased with Steve and Valhalla Electronics, and strongly recommend them to anyone having issues with their Linn Axis. This guy knows his stuff 🙂

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