Refurbished Linn Valhalla PSU and Switch


These are Valhalla PSU’s that have been traded in for Zeus or Minos controllers.

They have been serviced with new capacitors and have been brought up to the latest specifications. The standard service will replace HV and LV caps, fit a higher-rated 1000v bridge rectifier and higher-rated 6w resistors so your Valhalla will run cooler. Many early Valhalla’s were not fitted with the essential Inrush Guard so this will have been fitted as well. This mod replaces resistor R1 with a high-quality varistor of the correct value and will protect your Valhalla.  Zener diode mod will also have been fitted. The board has been tested and calibrated.

Either an original Linn switch or one of our replacement switches will be supplied.

All refurbished boards carry a 6-month warranty. Please note that the picture may not be of the actual board.

We also have other listings where you can buy the repair kits and Zener and Resistor motor mods.

Available on back-order

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Motor power supply board; returning from repair. DAP.


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