Linn Axis update kit


Linn Axis update kit (Axis PSU board in pictures not included)

All capacitors are made by the highly reputable Supertech and are 105 degree C versions to ensure long life of the upgrade kit. The HV capacitors are uprated over the standard 250v to 350v versions to extend life even further. Supertech capacitors are now used in many high-end audio applications.

All replacement capacitors are correct size to fit board. If your board does not have a thermistor fitted it is recommended upgrade to protect bridge rectifier and capacitors. (see items pointed to with white lines). The thermistor is UL/CE safety approved.

This kit fixes many sluggish motor start, no start, and speed change problems.

If you are unsure about any part of this upgrade we advise you have the work carried out by a professional you will need to be competent with soldering to carry out this work. Please note you should never handle this board while connected to the mains as it carries lethal voltage. The components indicated by the white arrows are included.

If you fit the kit and still cannot get your board to operate, contact us and we will diagnose and repair under our fixed price repair service offering. We have never failed to repair a board even those horrendously damaged by lightning. All repairs undertaken by a Chartered Electrical and Electronic engineer.

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