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Linn Axis – Startup power on problem

You may have noticed that your Linn Axis has a start problem in that the platter starts spinning as soon as power is switched on at the wall outlet. Does this happen to your Axis? Well now we have a fix – read on but a bit of a story first. 

Recently a customer contacted us explaining he had been away for a few weeks and arrived home to find his Linn Axis was spinning and the power supply was very hot. It turns out that he had experienced a power-cut hand the deck had been spinning for at least two weeks. Unfortunately, a fault had also developed and he was finding intermittent speed issues after the deck had been spinning for so long.

Having the deck on and spinning for two weeks is undesirable for a number of reasons; The power supply gets very hot – this can lead to premature aging of the electrolytic capacitors. There will be unnecessary main bearing and motor bearing/bushing wear.  The motor coils are also susceptible to failing in aged Axis turntables, especially if run at elevated temperatures.

The Problem

The issue is down to the way Linn designed the switch logic on the Axis Power Supply. Both set and reset pins on the CD4066 logic chip are tied to the ground rail. This can cause the chip to start up in an undetermined state. The solution is to modify the printed circuit board and add a couple of additional components.

The solution

We now offer a Linn Axis Power Supply start-up fix in our Linn Axis fixed price repair service so you can be assured you will not experience the problem described in this post. Simply select the option and add it to your cart when sending us your Axis Power Supply for repair/service.

Let’s keep these great turntables going!

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