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External Zeus LP12 motor speed controller and sensor

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External Zeus Turntable speed controller – Replacement for Linn Valhalla / Hercules / Lingo / Mose etc.

Most Linn turntables with Valhalla boards do not run at 33.33 rpm and have quite large variations in speed, some running as high as 34rpm. Upgrading to the Zeus motor controller makes significant improvements to the listening sound stage, the sense of timing and rhythm of the track is far tighter. It’s like listening to the timing of CD but with the pleasure of listening to Vinyl.

The Zeus controller has an optical platter speed sensor and OLED display.

The external version is supplied in a silver anodized aluminum case with connecting cables to the breakout board installed on the Linn cross brace where the OLED, sensor, switch and motor are attached.

220V version supplied as standard unless 110V option selected from below.

We are so confident you will love your Zeus we are offering a full 30 day money back guarantee. “If you don’t love it – return it”

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The external version of the Zeus controller is designed, assembled and tested in the UK. Microprocessor controlled and fully CE approved. The Zeus is housed in an anodized aluminum case and is supplied with a square Linn-style black anodized aluminum switch. The external unit is connected to the Linn motor, Zeus speed sensor, and on-33-45-off switch by means of an umbilical cable and baseboard PCB which fits on a standard Linn cross brace (mounting clips are supplied).

  • CE, UKCA approved
  • Energy efficient
  • Electronic switching between 33.3 rpm and 45 rpm
  • Automatic speed sensor calibration.
  • Highly accurate and pure sine wave frequency synthesis generated for 50Hz or 67.5Hz controlled to 0.001 Hz
  • Internal platter optical platter feedback sensor to lock platter rotation at rock-solid speed. +/- 0.003 rpm. Optical speed sensing automatically compensates for worn belts, pulleys, bearings, motors and stylus drag utilizing PID control.
  • Control over motor parameters such as frequencies, phase angle, voltage amplitude via a serial interface. Adjusting these values enables the smoothest motor operation with minimum motor noise and vibration. Values may be written to EEPROM once optimum setup is achieved. The boards will ship with suggested default values but are fully configurable to suit your setup via USB serial connection.
  • Super quiet mode – Configurable option to reduce motor drive once the platter is at full speed. This reduces motor vibration and noise still further.
  • Configurable Auto rotation on the application of main power
  • Configurable low power auto sleep timer when turntable idle.
  • OLED display to indicate exact platter rotation speed and WOW.
  • Automatic OLED display blanking (1-60 mins)
  • Speed change is controlled by holding the power switch for four seconds. (Visual speed change flash provided).
  • A new square on-33-45-off switch, that fits into the LP12 / Axis is provided with Red and Green LED’s. The switch bezel is black anodized aluminum.
  • Stylus and bearing run-time wear tracking counters
  • Fits on original Linn Valhalla mounting.
  • Ready for Linn Karousel bearing.
  • Class A motor drive circuitry.
  • Less heat generated than the original Valhalla due to redesigned PSU section (no more burned-out resistors).
  • Can be installed in Linn Axis – just wire the motor and existing power switch to the Zeus (soldering required).
  • Supply 110v-230v 50/60Hz.
  • Works with 50Hz and 60Hz synchronous Linn/Premotec/Philips/Airpax 110V motors.


Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 16 cm
Country of Origin


Customs Description

Motor Controller for turntable


110V, 220V

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1 review for External Zeus LP12 motor speed controller and sensor

  1. rkay5 (verified owner)

    The External Zeus LP12 power supply is excellent. I was using a Mober DC psu, it did a good job but the Zeus is better, the speed is more precise and so the music sounds more lifelike, timing and pitch are on the mark. I would put it alongside the Lingo IV as good or better for less money.

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